3 Kitchen Window Ideas For a Better Kitchen Experience

As often as we talk about home remodeling, I think it’s funny that we never really get around to talking about one of the most important things in a house; the windows. Windows can be the difference between you saving 15%-50% on your monthly energy bill if you buy the right pane and coating. Choosing the right windows is only half the battle because you have to choose the right window treatment as well.

There are so many choices and varieties to choose from that it can be impossible to make the best possible decision without the help of a professional. When it comes to installing kitchen windows in your home, nobody has better contractors in Washington D.C. than Monumental Contractors

Glass Pane | Does it Make a Difference?

There is always going to be a debate between whether it’s better to have triple pane windows or double pane windows. In most cases, double pane windows are great for homes, but it depends on where you live. For those of us in D.C. or spread across NOVA somewhere, it can get well below freezing at night in the winter months. 

With the technology in glass protective finishes there are plenty of double pane options that would be good enough to withstand deep freezes. However, A triple pane window is going to hold heat in and keep cold out better than a double pane.

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In a cold winter, I’ve seen temps averaging 35 ℉ at night from December until late February. The real killer is the howling wind that batters up against our windows like a train is passing by. Triple pane windows could save you up to hundreds of dollars every year in energy costs. 

Why Would I Buy Triple Pane Windows?

The reason people don’t like to buy triple pane windows is strictly due to the price. Looking at the intinital cost of replacing 10-15 windows, I completely understand why most people go with double pane windows instead. Depending on if you’d want the low-e coating or just regular triple pane windows, it could cost up to $20,000 for that kind of work. 

The reason I chose to go with triple pane windows is because my dad put new windows in his house and his energy bill was cut in half within 2 months. Triple pane windows probably save more money for homeowners in the summer months with the temps reaching near 100℉ than they do in the winter. 

One of the most important reasons I chose triple pane windows was due to the level of noise reduction it offers over double pane windows. Everyone in our city could really benefit from having some peace and quiet at home with the city still roaring outside. When companies talk about ROI, they sometimes fail to see the intrinsic value in having a quieter home, even if it doesn’t mean a financial return. 

What is Low E-Glass?

Low-Emissivity Glass is a special coating that manufacturers use to reduce the amount of infrared and ultraviolet light that passes through the glass. This special coating is razor thin and is able to reflect the heat that you’d lose in the winter, back into your home to reduce the radiant heat loss through your windows. The best part is that since the low-e coating is so thin, it doesn’t affect the amount of visible light that is able to get through. It’s like having a cake and eating too. 

1. Bay Windows For Expansive Views

Obviously, bay windows can’t be for everyone because the space for a combination of 3 windows that are angled outward from the exterior of the wall. Bay windows are incredibly expensive with an average cost of $1,500-$4,000 for installation and labor costs. Most bay walls are made into a square, hexagonal or octagonal shape. 

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Why Should I Add Bay Windows?

Bay Windows open up the natural light and overall view from your home. If you have a great view from your kitchen, a bay window could open up the entire wall and stretch the window from the floor to ceiling for complete optimization of your space. 

  • Bay Windows are stunning in almost any setting
  • Bay windows add extra space since they’re built to extend past the exterior wall. 
  • The ROI with the bay windows still yields great results, even with a more expensive process
  • The added natural light will help you save on energy costs because you’ll have very little need for any light bulb in the day
  • Bay windows can change the entire feel of a kitchen and even how you use the space


  • Bay windows are very expensive due to the architectural work with the construction of the window. 
  • If you live in the city, it can be difficult to get any privacy if the bay window is too big

2. Picture Windows For Perfect Clarity

Picture windows and bay windows serve a similar purpose but a picture window still has clear distinctions. For example, a picture window is designed to provide unobstructed views of the outside in a single large frame without glazing bars. 

A glazing bar is what holds multiple panes in a window together. Before the advancement in glass technology, glazing bars had to be used in every large frame window for durability. The absence of a glazing bar ensures the window is as clear as possible so you can really take in the views around your home. 

Picture Windows on D.C. Remodel

Why Would I Buy a Picture Window?

Picture windows are very common in the city for those who live in high-rises and houses with views of important national monuments. If you’ve ever thought about living in a skyscraper with glass windows that make up much of the exterior walls, a picture window is what you’re thinking about. They offer the clearest view to the outside of any other window type.

  • Picture windows normally provide ceiling to floor views of the outside
  • The ROI with the bay windows still yields great results, even with a more expensive process
  • The added natural light will help you save on energy costs because you’ll have very little need for any light bulb in the day
  • Picture windows are incredibly eco friendly because they’re sealed to prevent any air in or out of the frame.


  • Picture windows are very expensive due to the architectural work with the probable demo costs to put in the window. 
  • You can’t open picture windows because it’s the only way they can ensure large frame windows maintain their structural integrity. 

3. Awning Window For the Summer Breeze

I think every house should have at least one awning window and no better place than the kitchen. An Awning window is hinged on the top of the frame and opens out from the bottom of the frame.

If you’re not into creating more space or having a better view of the outside, an awning window is great for the kitchen. The ability to vent the kitchen with a window that opens from the bottom and out allows for more fresh air in and smoke from the kitchen out. 

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Awning windows are hinged on the top and open outward from the bottom, allowing for ventilation and protection from the rain. Often placed higher on walls for privacy or in combination with large stationary windows for a better view.

  • Awning windows are more affordable than the first 2 windows on the list
  • Awning windows are great for letting air in, but not rain or snow
  • Perfect for home cooks to let air in/out quick in case of smoke or powerful food aroma
  • Aesthetically beautiful with options to decorate the trim and frame
  • When used in conjunction with picture windows, awning windows can provide the air-flow you want, while still giving you unobstructed views, until the top.


  • Awning windows are normally smaller than most window types
  • Harder to clean if they’re placed higher on the walls, especially from the outside
  • Awning windows can be subject to wear and tear more often due to the outward opening of the window
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