5 Flooring Ideas to Create a Breathtaking Contemporary Kitchen

When I first got into home remodeling in the D.C. area, it was the originality and beauty of contemporary homes that pushed me toward real estate. I used to call them futuristic homes because they’re often completely unique and built to be energy efficient with solar panels and Smart home features. 

I know many of you are thinking, why would I talk about the outward appearance of a home that most don’t have. If you can stay with me, I plan to show you 5 ways that you can push the interior of your home into the future with contemporary designs. Follow this how-to guide to create a breathtaking contemporary kitchen. 

What is a Contemporary Home?

A contemporary home is often confused with a modern style home because the names are deceiving. Don't shoot the messenger, but a modern home is mainly used to describe home styles of the 1940’s-1960’s. 

Contemporary Kitchen Flooring update

These homes were built with large windows and a sleek, minimalistic design. The large windows and the sleek design of the home makes people think a modern is a contemporary home, but they’re different. 

A contemporary home is all about modern architecture with clean lines and open spaces. A contemporary home may have the large open windows of a modern style, but feature more glass with neutral color schemes, eco-friendly electrical connections, and focus more on natural textures for floors and countertops (Wood, Glass, Stone).

Where Do I Start My Contemporary Remodel?

There are so many ideas that I can think of right now, but before I digress, I always start from the ground up. Flooring is such an integral part of a home remodel that it doesn’t make sense not to remodel your floor first. 

Contemporary Flooring

Contemporary homes always feature the natural beauty of stone or natural hardwood. After that it comes down to what your personal preference is, do you prefer stone or hardwood in the kitchen? 

Personally, I prefer hardwood because it’s more comfortable on my feet, especially in the cold winters we get in the D.C. area. However, many contemporary homes are now equipped with heated flooring. We encourage our readers to check out some of our other blogs on different flooring ideas, such as the Top 3 Flooring Ideas for Kitchen, Bathroom, and Living Room.

Contemporary Kitchen Remodel with Wood Flooring

Best Flooring For Contemporary Kitchen

Contemporary kitchens often are highlighted by a two-color scheme to make the kitchen pop as you enter. For example, one of the most common contemporary kitchen flooring types is a white or black granite. It may seem odd to have white or black granite flooring, but if you combine the colors correctly, you can have a slick and stunning kitchen with contrasting layers that bring warmth to the kitchen.

Which Granite Flooring Would I Choose?

If I had to pick I’d either choose the Thunder White granite or the Black Galaxy granite, but it would depend on my countertops and cabinets. You want to make sure you have a color that will contrast with your kitchen appliances, countertops, and cabinets to get the best contemporary look in your kitchen.  

  1. Thunder White Granite

Thunder White Granite is one of my favorites because it contrasts so well with black and is still affordable at $45-$50 per square foot. Thunder White Granite is so cool because it features maroon colored flecks throughout the stone with varying colors of white, cream, and gray.

Contemporary Kitchen Upgrade

It’s not only warming with the off-white color tones, but it’s almost mesmerizing with the maroon flecks. I love the way the light hits the granite and makes the maroon color pop off the white. A Thunder White Granite with any type of black granite is going to pop and draw attention to the natural beauty and simplicity of the kitchen. 

  1. Black Galaxy Granite

There are a lot of different granite types that I like, but I’m a sucker for Black Galaxy Granite. Like the name suggests, Black Galaxy Granite features either white or gold flecks inside the stone. This makes it look like there are little white or gold planets floating in the night sky. 

Black Galaxy Granite is one of the most expensive types of granite at about $70 per square foot, but it’s absolutely breathtaking. If we were going to spend that much money on flooring material, I’d make sure we got the gold flecks because it’s astonishing with the contrast of white granite countertops. 

Contemporary Kitchen Remodel

  1. Red Dragon Granite

I know red seems like an exotic color for flooring, but hear me out before you throw away the idea. Imagine a beautiful dark red with black veins in a kitchen with Thunder White Granite countertops and white shaker glass cabinets. The simplicity and color contrast will make your kitchen look incredible. If you’re still not seeing it, we have some of the top contractors in Washington D.C. to help you find the right style.

If you contact us, we can show you a digital representation of what this could look like in your home. Red Dragon Granite not only sounds cool, but the price tag matches the rarity of the stone with a price of at least $65 per square foot. Finally, I would choose the Red Dragon because how many homes have you seen with red granite flooring tiles? You’d be one in a million and stun everyone that enters your kitchen. 

  1. Silver Waves Granite

Silver Waves Granite is often used for countertops, but it makes a stunning floor tile as well. It features dark black with swirls of silver and darker grays throughout the rock. It’s absolutely beautiful and it will make your kitchen stand out like nothing you’ve had before.

Silver Waves Granite is one of my favorites because it’s affordable compared to most other types of granite on the list and can go with almost anything. At $60 a square foot, you could expect to spend $3,000-$5,000 on a new Silver Waves kitchen floor.

  1. Blue Louise Granite

Blue Louise Granite is one of the most rare and visually stunning types of granite you could ever find. First, blue granite is rare and difficult to find, but the patterns in Blue Louise Granite are what makes it the most expensive ($100/Sq Ft) type of granite in the world. My mother in-law is an artist and some of the things she can paint are astonishing to see for someone without any artistic ability. 

Everytime I see Blue Louise Granite, I’m immediately reminded of the world famous Van Gogh Painting, “Starry Night”. Most people use this only on countertops, but adding Blue Louise floor tiles would be breathtaking.

We know these 5 ideas are not going to be the most affordable options, but they’re some of the best ideas for creating a contemporary kitchen in your home. If you’re interested in ways to receive the best Return on Investment (ROi), read Top Kitchen Remodel Ideas for at Least a 60%+ Return on Investment (ROI).

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Granite Flooring upgrade in kitchen

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