Row Home Remodeling Ideas | 7 Light Fixtures That Will Change How You Feel About Your Home

When most people think of home remodeling, they think of things like creating new kitchens, tearing down walls, or building a bathroom with a sauna shower. However, there are so many great things you can do to your home to make it more valuable, aesthetically beautiful, and practical. 

Today, we’re going to discuss 10 different lighting ideas that have the power to transform any Row Home into a more open and valuable home. I know it might seem weird to think that adding new light fixtures can open up a home, but you'd be surprised what our contractors can do for small and large spaces. Row Homes are one of the integral parts of D.C. because of the conglomeration of people that have flocked here over the last several decades.

Row homes are abundant in every major city in our country to be able to house the men and women that built this country to what it is today. In D.C. there are hundreds of row homes spread throughout the city that were built between WW1 and WW2.

Canless Recessed Light Fixtures in D.C. home

Much of the lighting in original row homes was meant to be low light with minimal energy consumption to share the power throughout the building.With today’s advancements in energy efficiency, you can change the way your row home is lit up for a very affordable price. If you have a large family and want to find out how to save space in row homes, read our blog, Best Row Home Renovations for Large Families | Bathroom & Kitchen Upgrades.

What is a Light Fixture?

A light fixture is any electrical device that illuminates an area around the device and is either hard-wired into a light socket or done with Smart technology. There are many examples of light fixtures, such as a ceiling fan with globe light, free standing Gooseneck lamp, Pendant light, and the uber fancy Sconce light fixture

Which Light Bulb is the Most Energy Efficient?

With as many different types of light fixtures it can be difficult to determine which light fixtures are the most efficient and environmentally friendly. As of right now, I don’t know of any type of light that is more energy efficient and longer lasting than an LED light bulb. CFLs are also very efficient, but they contain a small amount of mercury, which makes people nervous about exposure. 

An LED light can last up to 30-40 years from the time we install the light fixture. According to the Department of Energy (DOE), LEDs conserve as much as 75% more energy than any other lighting, including CFLs and incandescent light bulbs. 

Our contractors will install any lighting you’d like, but strongly advise going to an LED lighting system in your home to conserve energy and put less stress on the power grid. 

We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality materials with all of our LED lights being Energy Star certified. Our LED light lasts up to 25 times longer than any incandescent light bulb you have installed now. LED lights can come in multiple sizes, colors, and shapes to choose from with different price points based on those 3 factors. 

Pendant Light Fixture in new kitchen remodel

Boho Light Fixture

A Bohemian or Boho light fixture is one of the most eye-catching stand-out light fixtures you could ever put in your home. A Boho light fixture can be made from almost any type of material, such as hardwood, bamboo, beads, metal, and fancy fabrics such as silk and hemp fibers

Adding a Boho style light fixture to your home is a great way to add some flair and self expression to your home without spending a lot of money. For example, you could get a Boho light fixture installed by our contractors for less than $500 on average. That includes labor, the wiring and new junction boxes that will most likely have to be built in older row homes. 

Pendant Light Fixture

A Pendant light fixture is one of the most elegant and common light fixtures for kitchens and dining rooms. A Pendant light fixture is any light that is suspended from the ceiling of your home and has only 1 light bulb incorporated inside the fixture. 

A Pendant light looks similar to a necklace pendant because they both hang from a single point. Pendant lights are elegant, easy to install and work best in rooms that you want directional lighting, such as dining room or kitchen. The most common type of Pendant light fixture you’ll see are 3 hanging pendants from above the countertop in a kitchen or above the table in a dining room. 

Pendant light fixtures only cost about $200 to install and can make the world of difference in the ambiance of your kitchen. Pendant lights can be set with low-level LED light or a very bright Daylight light bulb to light a bigger area below the fixture.

Pendant Light Fixture in Kitchen Remodel for D.C. area home

Rustic Light Fixture

I’m an absolute sucker for rustic light fixtures in homes due to the level of craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal to them. Rustic light fixtures are normally made from handcrafted metals, such as copper, brass, zinc, iron, and silver. 

Oftentimes, Rustic light fixtures feature a pendant light to accentuate the dark tones of copper and bronze with the warm tones of an LED light or candle.A Rustic light fixture can be very expensive, spending on the level of customization you’d like, but we’re up for the challenge. 

We’d love to find you some of the most unique rustic options to choose for your home. Although a normal pendant light can cost about $200 to install, a Rustic light fixture can cost double that with ease. 

Farmhouse Light Fixture

Many of these light fixtures blend with each other with combinations of rustic metals with beautiful wood and pendant lighting. A Farmhouse light fixture is normally classified as having the combination of wood, glass, and rustic metal finishing on the fixture. 

A Farmhouse light fixture normally features a pendant surrounded by antique glass with wood exterior that surrounds steel or copper. Farmhouse light fixtures are relatively expensive, but can add a level of warmth in your home that you’d only ever see from living in the countryside. 

If you’re interested in learning more ideas on how to optimize your space, read our 5 Best Row Home Renovations | Making the Best Out of Small Spaces blog. 

Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel

Canless Recessed Lighting

How many people have heard of a canless light fixture? If I’m being honest, I wouldn’t have heard of it if I didn’t care as much about home remodeling. However, it’s one of the coolest ways to provide light to darker areas of your home without taking up space. 

A canless light fixture doesn’t have any kind of canister or housing for the light, so it saves space and offers a completely different ambiance to a room. Canless lights are normally used in hallways, bathrooms, and any area people are expected to walk by. 

You can get a canless recessed light fixture installed for less than $100 if the wiring is sufficient and up to date. Our contractors can perform accurate appraisals once they see your home and get a better understanding of your current situation. 

Canless Recessed Light fixture upgrade in D.C. area home

Vapor Proof Light Fixture

Have you ever wondered why your light fixtures in the bathroom or on your deck fog up and dull your illumination? I never knew I needed Vapor Proof lighting until I started to notice my bathroom recessed lighting was fogging up and dulling down the light. I normally prefer a brighter light in my bathroom as shower and get dressed. 

A Vapor Proof light fixture is one that is meant to be around water and moist environments in or around your home (Bathroom, deck, porch). These fixtures are normally encased in a waterproof casing that prevents any penetration of steam from your shower and always shines bright through the fog. 

Vapor Proof light fixture in modern style bathroom remodel

Moroccan Light Fixture

A Moroccan light fixture is normally recognized as some form of a hanging lantern encased in an elaborate tinted stained glass with rustic style brass, copper, or iron to attach to your ceiling. What separates Moroccan light fixtures from the rest is the extensive detail in the stained glass and the incredible craftsmanship of the metal lattice.

Moroccan lanterns have been a symbol of status in Morocco for at least the last 200 years. Wealthy merchants and political leaders would hang these lanterns with painted glass from their door steps to show anyone passing by of their high socioeconomic status.  

As you can imagine, these light fixtures are one of the most expensive to install and buy due to the extensive labor involved in their creation. Moroccan light fixtures inside a kitchen, bedroom, or living room can be breathtaking in any sized home.

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