3 Best Bachelor/Bachelorette Home Remodel Ideas

1. Rustic Home Bar

I’m happily married, but if I weren’t, there are 3 remodel ideas that I would consider to highlight my lifestyle as a bachelor. The first thing is a home bar because it adds another place to hang out and talk with your guest or a group of friends. 

Adding a home bar gives your home another place to host parties, dates, and even football Sunday tailgates with the guys. Before you decide to just bring in a makeshift table and build your own bar, it’s good to think about what kind of atmosphere you want to create around your home bar. 

How Do I Choose The Best Home Bar Design?

This is all about personal preference and what kind of vibrations you’ll be having in your bar. For example, If you’re a pre-game at the house before going out on the town kind of person, a bright contemporary design would be best for you. 

However, as I sit here in my late 30’s, I’m more of a bourbon ginger or gin and tonic drinker. There’s no doubt for me that a Rustic Home bar design would fit me the best. There are 2 important things to consider when making a decision on your bar; the furniture and cabinet layout.  

Rustic Home Bar Furniture

Anytime you go with a rustic design, you’re looking for homemade bar stools from things like solid oak, cherry, or Walnut. I’ve seen really cool bar stools, such as stools made from oak barrels. No matter what kind of wood you’d like, Monumental Contractors work with some of the best carpenters to bring our clients everything they desire. 

Rustic doesn’t always have to mean wood if you’re wanting more metal than wood. A set of bronze or brass bar stools with a shiny finish to highlight the impurities of the metal will allow your bar to really stand out. 

Rustic Home Bar Cabinet

My favorite part about a home bar is the cabinet and actual bar table. This is where you let your personality show and go for gold in your pursuit of a great bar. It’s my recommendation to always go with something as custom as possible.

For example, a butcher block table top with hand-carved Mahogany cabinets. The dark chocolate tones with the visible grains in the Mahogany accentuate the bottles of bourbon and gin. One of the coolest things I’ve seen with a table top is using the lids of former oak bourbon barrels. 

Home Bar For Small Spaces?

It’s no secret that most of us living in D.C. don’t have a ton of space, so how would I set up a bar if I don’t have extra space to put the bar? This is where Monumental comes in with our award-winning interior designers and expert contractors. 

Are you interested in remodeling a Row Home? We have some great ideas to help you make the most out of your limited space, read our blog Row Home Remodeling Ideas | 7 Light Fixtures That Will Change How You Feel About Your Home.

Instead of building a big bar with a custom built table top, we can build you a bar that folds to lay flat or breaks down easily for storage. You could also expect to spend $1,000-$2,000 less by building a smaller, more portable bar.

2. Bedroom Fireplace

Being a bachelor/bachelorette can be some of the most fun you’ll have in your life and nobody knows that like those of us in the city. A fireplace in your living room with an exposed flu that runs through the ceiling is an unforgettable addition to your home. There are multiple types of gas fireplace additions for you to try, including a low lying and multi-sided fireplace. 

Bedroom fireplace addition

Low Linear Fireplace

A low lying Linear fireplace is one of the coolest ideas that I’ve ever seen for a custom fireplace addition. This is especially a great choice for those of you without a ton of room to install a fireplace in a small bedroom. 

Low Linear Fireplace addition

A linear fireplace sounds exactly like it is, a straight line frame that is built into the wall of your home. A linear fireplace can be any size you can think of and still be a source of heat, comfort, and aesthetics.

Where Would I install a Linear Gas Fireplace?

Most contractors suggest that a gas fireplace be built at least 3-3.5 feet off the ground to provide proper clearance to keep it safe from burning anything near the ground. However, we have experts that are capable of installing a low linear fireplace that fits under a TV or shelf without getting in the way.

We can install them as low as 12” off the ground and give you complete control from the touch of a remote or even voice-controlled for those of you with a little extra budget room.

Custom Fireplace addition in D.C.

If I had a choice where to put my gas fireplace, it would be in the wall closest to my bathroom and visible as you enter the room. A linear gas fireplace is something that draws the attention of everyone entering the room, which is exactly what you want when you’re trying to impress a late night guest. 

Multi-Sided Gas Fireplace

My all-time favorite type of gas fireplace is a linear multi-sided gas fireplace. A multi-sided gas fireplace is classified as being able to see the fire from multiple sides, regardless of where you’re sitting. 

My version of a linear multi-sided fireplace is built into the wall of my bedroom that connects to my infinity walk-in shower. My fireplace would be visible from the shower and my bed and controlled by a remote with a dimmer feature. 

Installing a gas fireplace can be incredibly difficult due to the gas connections. Trusting your contractors to do the best job is not a given with some companies. Our quality of work is just one of many qualities that set us apart from our competitors.

3. Infinity Walk-In Shower Multi-Sided Gas FIreplace

Installing an Infinity shower can get very expensive, so I don’t want to pretend like this would be an easy and affordable remodel option. However, an Infinity shower remodel can transform your bathroom and bedroom into an oasis of pleasure and comfort. 

What is an Infinity Shower?

An Infinity Walk-in shower is a shower that normally has no door and instead has a curved wall built-in to provide privacy as you enter the shower. The reason I like Infinity walk-in showers so much is the ability to maximize your bathroom space. Without a door, you can save room and use that space for a nice bench rest to sit while a waterfall style shower head cleanses the daily grind of D.C. away.

New Bathroom Remodel

Our contractors love creating Infinity style showers because it allows them to use them creatively and show off their skill as craftsmen. One important decision for a shower is what kind of Infinity Shower Drain you want to put in your shower. 

If you're interested in learning more about more ways to upgrade your Bathroom for an affordable price, read our blog Best Bathroom Remodeling Ideas on a Budget.

Infinity shower drains are built differently because many Infinity showers need to drain water very quickly because there are no doors or anything other than a lip to catch the water from going all over the bathroom. The good news is that all of our tile experts know exactly which drain to install in each shower for optimal performance and peace of mind. 

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